Monday, March 22, 2010

Detailed Information about Ionizer Water Filter

A machine that hooks up to your kitchen faucet, an ionizer transforms your ordinary tap water into a healthy, clean, alkaline mineral-rich substance that your body loves. Your body needs the alkaline minerals normally found in water in order to obtain and maintain a proper acid alkaline balance. When your body is able to absorb the water you drink, you are able to super-hydrate yourself and continuously detoxify yourself. Many diseases arise due to dehydration and too much body acid.

- Ionized is the highest quality water for drinking. It has healing powers not found in ordinary tap, bottled or any other type of water.

- Ionized water is great for giving your body the tools to heal itself from disease and other ailments. Many people have experienced rapid improvement of arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and more.

- Your pets will love it too!

When looking at ionizer quality, consider these points :

1) How accurate is the water pH level output of the unit? Since the primary health goal of alkaline water ionizers is to be able to drink water having a specific alkaline pH, how accurate is the pH measurement of the ionizer you are considering?

2) Does the ionizer you are considering have a certification or multiple certifications from independent sources? This can provide a clue as to the type of company you are dealing with.

3) I am almost sure that you are not only interested in drinking healthy ionized alkaline water, but also making sure that the water is extremely purified.

4) How well is the unit built? Is the ionizer built to last or will the internal parts wear out within a year or two after the warranty expires?

It is possible to build a water ionizer at your own dwelling, but you have to know the basic first before you start the project. The purpose of water ionizer is to produce water that is able to make your body filled up with oxygen and neutralize acidic condition inside your body.

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