Thursday, September 24, 2009

Importance of water ionizers

What is so distinctive about Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers?

Jupiter Water Ionization Filter is very different than just a water filter. Primarily, the ionizer filter functions efficiently using silver activated granulated carbon to clean incoming water, just like 99% of conventional filter systems.

How long have Water Ionizers been on the marketplace?

Water Ionizers have been offered in the orient for over many decades and in the United States for about 10 years. They were popularized in Japan and began to become somewhat universal there around the mid 1980's. Millions of Asian and American families now use this astonishing, proven water filtering product. This water ionization theory is also used in manufacturing engineering applications. Along with the growth in responsiveness will be the increase of popularity of Jupiter water ionizers.

Initially, the water filter inside the ionizer functions successfully using silver activated granulated carbon to filter out the inward water, just like 99% of household filter systems. What separates it from ordinary water purifiers are some important supplementary advantage. These benefits are what make your water clean and healthy.

- The water filter in the Jupiter water ionizer while taking out what is not wanted allows the necessary alkalizing minerals to pass through. These vital alkalizing minerals comprise calcium for the bones and magnesium for the heart. Typical water companies use reverse osmosis to take out all that is bad and good then use ozone to get rid of the taste and smell. Such process is harmful for the human body, as by doing this the water becomes very acidic and complicated for the body to absorb.

- The alkaline water in a Jupiter water ionizer is ionized. Water that comes from dams, pipes and bottles is dead and stagnant water. This can be calculated by an ORP (oxygen Reduction Potential) meter. For water to be healthy and easy to be absorbed and utilized by your body it requires to hold a strong negative charge. This happens in nature when water bounces over rocks or moves in rivers and streams and is regenerated by science in a water ionizer.

- The water in a water ionizer is split into two water streams - an acid and an alkaline watercourse. We use the ionized water for intake and cooking. The acid water is a free bonus and can be used for sterilization, skin, and plants. Poor class food, impure air, stress and lack of rest and gentle exercise all add to the acid levels in our bodies leading to a slow breakdown in our physical condition.

Water as we all know is life. It is very imperative to help out human beings continue and live, other living creatures depend upon it, as well as most recent industries and companies rely on it to assist them in whatever form of production they may be busy in. There are absolutely countless things that we couldn't do or achieve if it were not for water. But let us stick to how important alkaline water is to continue human life.

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